Hi there!

First off I’d like to thank you for following me on Instagram and making your way here to my website. With that a double thank you for making it to this page because it means a lot to me to have certain people appreciate my work in a way more than via the usual Instagram “like”.
I’m calling this GIVE2GET (which indeed sounds a little cliche) where for a limited time i’ll be offering photo shoots in exchange for a donation for the “good cause” of me working towards a camera upgrade.
After already upgrading a few times during the last few years this next upgrade is going to be a quite expensive one. Being a newly found freelancer, money is not something that is in abundance. Especially when you factor in that many clients find themselves in the Instagram realm, and this always seems to be the place where nobody has any funding and everything is expected for free. (I know you all feel this struggle here.)
(Next to this, i’m completely open to discussing any other options, where I can help you, in exchange for a donation to this cause. For this please send me an email)

Ok back to the point of this, I need a new camera. Why? My current camera limits what I want to do and achieve with my photography. The camera is good, but nowhere near good enough. I rely heavily on my camera, and smartphone camera on a daily basis. I either am working on portraits and improving those I shoot, or roaming the streets to capture countless of images for clients and mainly myself to showcase on Instagram, or am doing walking / smartphone photography tours around the city with regular people or companies. And occasionally, I get the chance to travel where my camera is with me almost 24/7 with a never ending shutter trying to capture all I see.
So yes, the times I am without a camera are very minimal. Thus you can imagine my camera is very dear to me and will be put to use often.
Like I said, starting out freelancing in the challenging social media and photography world is not easy. Combine that with a mini me, and my love for sneakers and there’s little money to spend after paying all the bills. This is why I’m asking you all for a little help to help me keep chasing the dream while also giving back to you. 😉 I get so many requests to shoot, but paying for me to work on your photo’s for multiple hours is not something many (it seems everyone is expecting outrages rates, since so many more people have shown interest in shooting ever since I started this Give2Get idea) are open to. Yet. As there will be a day that nothing will be holding me back from producing the images I now still only dream off. As i’m non stop trying to develop my skills and offer you a ever improving product.

Therefor GIVE2GET.  You GIVE (donate; whatever you feel is fair) You GET (High resolution photo’s.)





  1. Curious what to expect photowise? Check #Portraitsbydutchie 
  2. Contact me and let me know who you are. (DM on Instagram or EMAIL or FORM)
  3. Agree on shoot details. What are we aiming for? Which locations? 
  4. Agree on time, date and Amsterdam location to meet up.
  5. We go create images. We walk, talk, laugh, shoot. It’s supposed to be fun as well!
  6. Average shooting time 30min
  7. You Donate (any amount you chose yourself) via PAYPALL or CASH.
  8. Within a week you receive a minimum of 3 HIGH RES photos via WeTransfer. (Related to the donation, but 3 images minimum)

Things that help getting us both the images we’d like to get:

When using this form, keep in mind if you mis spell your e-mail I can not reply to you as many of you do not include a full name, or Instagram account, or anything. So there’s no way for me to figure out who you are. 😉 If somehow you do not get a reply, probably this happened. Please do reach out to me again as no mail is supposed to ever stay unanswered. 

Also, for me to advise you on what to wear, and where we can shoot that would fit my style and your personality, please do at least provide me with somewhere I can see who you are. (Instagram for example) If I havent ever seen or met you (online or offline) it’s very difficult to give advice / my thoughts on locations to shoot at, looks to create etc. Sure I know plenty of spots to go and shoot at, but by knowing a little about you, I can put some more effort in a location. 

Looking forward to creating images with all of you!


Many many many thanks to anyone who even came this far to read and consider helping!