Lets shoot

Since I still get questions about my Give2Get deal on shooting together and there’s always something to save up for (next to those bills that keep piling up and taxes that keep asking for more and more money..) the GIVE2GET deal is back on. It seems like the mini me felt I updated this page as the other night he walked up to me and said: daddy, daddy, I want to play with my Nintendo Switch! (He’s two years old, he has no clue how to even use a console like that.) So I told him: but kiddo you, we do not have a Nintendo Switch? Where he responded: but daddy can go buy one for me right? Maybe tomorrow? So tears followed as daddy has no spare money to buy something like that on days other than his birthday. Therefor one of the things I’ll be saving up for doing this, will be something (Guess the Nintendo) to make my son extra happy. His smiles just mean the world to me. 

What doest Give2Get mean you might still think? Simply: there are options for everyone to shoot, regardless of your budget. We shoot, you decide on the payment, and I will offer you a set of photo’s in return. So you give, and then get. Of course what’s been given, will indicate what you get in return. 

Still this is not an offer for free shoots or TFP shoots for everyone willing. A payment (Cash / paypal / invoice) is still required but you get to decide what amount. 

Ps. This offer is not valid for companies or anything commercial. Please contact me for commercial photography rates.



When interested in shooting together, please send me an email and let me know what you have in mind. You can reach me at:
Dutchie213@gmail.com or Info@justdutchie.com

When doing so, please also indicate where I can find your portfolio and / or where I can see who you are in case you do not have one. (For example your Instagram username, website, or Facebook page.) It always helps to have an idea of who I’m working with as often I’m requested to decide on the shooting location and am asked what I would think is a good idea / theme / look, etc. To do so I have to know who you are.

I’m more than happy to look at any TFP requests, but please make  clear what you have in mind.