Instameet: Huis Marseille

Since 1999, Huis Marseille has been situated on Keizersgracht 401 as Amsterdam’s first photography museum. If you wonder why this place is called the “Huis Marseille” just go have a look at this page.
In September 2013, the museum was expanded to include the neighboring building at Keizersgracht 399, providing it with a total of fourteen exhibition spaces. The museum offers a rich and varied exhibition programme with changeovers about four times per year.

At this moment you can find the following exhibitions at the museum: Jeff Cowen / Photoworks and In Egypt / Travellers and Photographers, 1850–1900
Last Saturday we has the pleasure of exploring the museum and its exhibitions with a small group of Instagrammers before they opened their doors for the general public. (And tourists are waiting patiently for the doors to open at 11, as at 11.01 the first were inside ;))
Apart from the great works of art, this place has the most amazing light which works very well for photography. Especially when you manage to have some people around you who look good on photos and are willing to have their photo taken. 
As I’m more of a fan of modern photography I spend most of my time chasing my own yet to be made photos and taking quick glances of the collections on display. Of course combined to talks with the people who also where there as it had some new faces, and some people I do not regularly see, and some friends, so enough reasons to talk to all of them. 

These Instameets are always great fun and offer great exposure for the locations they are held in. A small group of about 10 community members quickly offers around half a million in following. As soon as we are “set free” to roam around and do what we do, the images and stories start flooding social media. Well if you select the right people that is. 😉 
I’m assuming anyone who makes his way to my blog, and to read it, knows what an Instameet is, so in case you dont, drop me an email and i’ll make sure that information gets shared with you. 😉