Lets shoot

Since I still get questions about my Give2Get deal on shooting together the GIVE2GET deal is back on and it’s pretty simple and straight forward.

Meaning: there are options for everyone to shoot, regardless of your budget or experience. We shoot, you decide on the payment, and I will offer you a set of photos in return. (This offer is not valid for companies or commercial photography. Please contact me for commercial photography rates.)

So you give, and then get. Value for value.

As a freelancer, the money paid to me is only like half of what I earn, as our tax system claims the other half. But, that’s just to shed some light on us freelancers trying to make a living, by doing something we truly love.

I’m fully up for doing small test shoots with you where you, buy me a coffee, we talk, do some shots to see how the shoot goes and you get one high resolution edited shot in return. Additional images can then be bought or a additional paid shoot can be booked. 

If you are a company, remember we all need to make a living, that’s partly why you are considering my work now. Therefor this offer isn’t available to you. 😉 But you do want to work together and are hesitant to instantly offer up a fair rate for my work? We also can drink that coffee and talk about all options. Test shoots are always possible if we can cover expenses to do the shoot and possibly I can consider a barter deal in regards to a test shoot. As mentioned for non commercial requests, one thing is equally the same for commercial requests, it needs to be value for value. 

So, let’s get in touch!




When interested in shooting together, please send me an email, or direct message on Instagram and let me know what you have in mind. You can reach me at:

When doing so, please also indicate where I can find your portfolio and / or where I can see who you are in case you do not have one. (For example your non private Instagram account , website, or Facebook page.) It always helps to have an idea of who I’m working with so I can prepare for our shoot. We both want maximum results, so to do so I have to know who you are.

I’m more than happy to look at any TFP requests. I always love working on new ideas and collaborating with new people, but will only accept those that appeal to me. The time I have available as a father and being my own boss though, is limited. So therefor I can only accept certain unpaid work. Which somehow always needs to add value to both of us. I also love being behind the camera, not in front. So in general the offer of me doing a shoot with you where you in return will do photos of me, isn’t very appealing to me. Unless I think your work is utterly amazing and you could make even me look bad ass on a photo. 

So for a TFP request please send me your idea (moodboard?) when you would like to shoot, and where I can find your portfolio. (Wether thats Instagram, facebook or a real portfolio that’s all fine.)

Looking forward to hearing from you! And in the mean time have a look at my portrait work here.