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Another 10 Amsterdam photo hotspots

A while ago I provided you all with these amazing photohotspots. This to hopefully minimise the questions in my direct messages on Instagram regarding photo locations for those visiting my amazing city. It seems like to little people actually read this article, or just warent satisfied yet with the suggestions. So here we go, 10 more amazing photo locations in Amsterdam you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting. Of course always follow along on my @Dutchie account to see all of the places I find and capture. Feel free to ask about locations there as well as nothing is a secret.
Keeping in mind those places I suggested years ago, I’m adding ten more locations to the list. All of these you will have seen pass by on Instagram many many times. But that is kind off the thing with places worth photographing right? We all take more than a few photos there. When you are looking for the undiscovered, I guess you will have to just go explore.

Let’s stop talking and let’s get into those locations I’m suggesting and while wandering to these places, there will be enough to explore on the way as well. 
So this is 10 places worth visiting and photographing in Amsterdam. It is not a top 10, rather just a list that could’ve been set up in any order.

Dam Square and the view towards the Magna Plaza. When using GoogleMaps, locate the Mozes en Aaronstraat. This will provide you an iconic view on the Magna Plaza shopping centre. Where this building now mainly serves the tourists with more shopping this used to be the Amsterdam Head Post Office. 

From here wander into the Damstraat, when halfway turn around and admire the great view of this amazing Amsterdam street, filled with tourists and the royal palace in the distance.

One of the best views from up high is to be found at the Westertoren, part of the Westerkerk. Located in the Jordaan this is a true gem and one of the highest viewpoints in the city.
They offer limited small group tours during part of the year so check in advance if planning to go up here. The view is totally worth climbing those stairs I can assure you. You can find the Westerkerk and westertoren at Prinsengracht 279

Where the Amsterdam Flower market sounds like great fun its more of a tourist trap with extreme prices and often whispered about scam on the flower bulbs sold there. It’s small, busy and I’d say a waste of time going, but, when looking at it from across the Singel canal, it offers a great view. You do not see any flowers. (they hardly have any anyway) You don’t see the people. But you do see the architecture and flower shops from the back. (Again, hardly any flower is sold there.) When you look closely you’ll be able to spot another Love Me sign there.

The Old Church (Oude Kerk) seen from the Prins HendrikKade / Oudezijdskolk. A few minutes from the central station and along the route the tourists mainly do not take you will find this fantastic view you do not want to miss out on.

After capturing the previous angle, make your way towards the Old church and capture the same building with a totally different view from the Korte Niezel.

Another amazing view you must have seen on my @Dutchie Instagram account many times is the view over the Leidsegracht looking out over the Amsterdam architecture and de Krijtberg.

When using my previous top 10 as a guide, make your way to the Singel canal, in my opinion the most beautiful canal in the city. So many iconic photo opportunities when following this canal all the way from the Central station area towards the Rembrandtplein. Pretty much at the Central Station area on Singel, look behind you when you reach the Korsjespoortsteeg. Do the same thing a little further at the Blauwburgwal. Both provide stunning views over the Singel canal with the Domed church (Koepelkerk) in the background.

I mentioned the Utrechtsestraat as one of my favourite Amsterdam streets, the Haarlemmerstraat challenges for the top spot on my list. This is an amazing area to wander around in. When walking the Haarlemmerstraat, make your way to the Eenhoornsluis. This crosses the Korte prinsengracht. There’s amazing views in two directions. One towards the (Korte) Prinsengracht and Westerkerk in the distance, second towards the Posthoornkerk.

Again, that Westerkerk (Wester church) but this time seen from within the Jordaan. Find the Hilletjesbrug, crossing the Egelantiersgracht.

You are welcome. Enjoy exploring Amsterdam and I hope these additional tips have helped out for you in the chase to capturing some amazing photos. 

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