Meat Me At Midtown, MidTownGrill at the Marriott Amsterdam

MeatMeAtMidtown for the best steak in Amsterdam they said. So not to long ago I again had to pleasure to dine at the Mid Town Grill in Amsterdam. Like my first visit, this experience started (as it should) with Rodrigo. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Mid town Grill, it’s food, the restaurant and a whole lot more. Not unimportant, he does so with unique enthusiasm. Rodrigo served our table all evening and made sure we had the best time and all the information we needed. Want to experience the best Mid Town Grill has to offer? Make sure he’s present when you are. 

Midtown Grill first opened its doors in 2010, is inspired by the tradition of the quintessential American steakhouse and quickly became known as the best steakhouse in Amsterdam. Although often self proclaimed, this is something I agree on since my first visit, only to have it proven to me again this time. They serve the best USDA certified stakes and emphasize purity, fresh ingredients and quality. 
The Mid Town Grill is located right off the Leidseplein (Stadhouderskade 12), next to the Vondelpark and is part of the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel. That being said, do no let either of those facts scare you off! Sure. We all know that area is mainly tourist trap. But this place surely is not part of that. You will be pleasantly surprised. there are some gems to be found near the Leidseplein, and this surely is one of them. 

In a time where we eat way to much meat, and this being something frowned upon (for the right reasons) a place like Mid town Grill is what we all need in our lives. Now, you’d think this sounds contradictive, but nothing is less true. The point is, we all should stop eating the bad quality meat that we get offered in the supermarkets. And opposed to eating meat almost every day, we every now and then go to a place like Mid Town Grill. Why? To actually enjoy a amazing piece of meat. Trust me it tastes a thousand times better.  Plus the selection process of the meat also takes into account the life of the animal it came from. 

Mid Town Grill gets their meat from Nice To Meat. This company stands for professional selection and distribution for their product. Nice to Meat originated from a traditional quality butchery. In this traditional setting, for over 120 years the professional selection, processing and distribution of meat has been regarded as an form of art. Under the motto ‘Meat is Art’ they consistently adhere to that tradition of craftsmanship.

In the nineties the company Nice to Meat was bought by the Amsterdam butcher’s family Pouw. Their craftsmanship and enthusiasm form an important foundation for the quality philosophy and guarantee that it is kept alive.

Nice to Meat guarantees a carefully tested product quality, and makes sure processing and delivery of meat is done under the legally required hygienic conditions (IFS Higher Level). Continuous quality control starts at the source, the selection of the meat, and continues until the end of the processing process. In addition, product samples are taken weekly and a large, unexpected inspection is carried out every month by the independent quality control agency, where several samples are taken. 
All to make sure the quality is top notch making this a little more expensive piece of meat very much worth your while.

Every one that comes to Amsterdam more often, or of course those living in this great city must’ve tasted meat coming from this company before. Among some other great restaurants they are partnered with the well known “Loetje”. This largely explains why the quality of the Loetje steak is always on point. The same can be expected from the Mid Town Grill, with a larger variety of choices and even better meat cuts you will not be disappointed here. 

For those looking for recommendations, (ask the staff at the Mid Town Grill for more details of course) I would suggest you can go for the Family style dining. This gives you a variety of cuts where you can taste the difference between the meats, and I’ll promise you, you’ll be longing for more. I was. And this is exactly what I got, on both my visits. Ok, maybe you do not want more meat at the exact moment, because you are stuffed by already eating so much, but you will be looking forward to coming back. (And left wondering why you eat supermarket meat, or even go to these tourist trap steakhouses. Sorry for not telling you sooner.)
That is without even mentioning the nice accompanying wines or the marshmallows you’ll be roasting after dinner. Oh yes. They also do have some kick ass desserts you do not want to miss out on. But we always have room for dessert don’t we? Or maybe a cocktail at the Marriott bar?