Grand Hotel Minerva (Florence)

During my most recent trip to Italy I was lucky enough to squeeze in a quick visit to Florence to go and explore this stunning city for a bit. As a photographer (and lover of food) being here was a blessing. Sunny weather, a gorgeous city, great food and the perfect place to stay.

Just a short walk away from the central train station, at Piazza Santa Maria Novella you will find the amazing (recently renovated) four star Grand Hotel Minerva. Luckily enough, my one night stay in Florence happened to be in this amazing hotel. Florence is a gorgeous city so having the option to open my bedroom window look over the Piazza Santa Maria Novella is just pure perfection. To make things even better, they have the most amazing rooftop pool with stunning views over the city. (See images below!)
The Piazza Santa Maria Novella is one of the main squares in Florence and also one of the most beautiful. (Making it one of the top attractions in the city with a sweet Gelato shop on the corner almost next to the Minerva Hotel. A not unimportant fact for me.)
When looking at the historical center, this center is divided into 4 quarters, the quarter of Santa Maria Novella being one of them. Life here revolves around its square and the enchanting beauty of the Dominican Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. It’s Renaissance facade is usually what impresses most visitors at very first sight. 

After checking in and instantly noticing the hospitality and friendly staf, I made my way to the room. A specious, clean room with a beautiful view. Live music entering the room from the window made this the perfect place to relax.
Of course I had to instantly go explore the hotel, beautiful art everywhere, remains of the original architecture are kept, a gym, spa, rooftop bar, swimming pool, gorgeous breakfast room, stunning lobby, quality restaurant, comfortable beds, a big rain shower and fine coffee quickly passed my eyes.
Breakfast was included in my stay and it was definitely something that made us get back to the hotel after shooting sunrise from the roof and around the city early in the morning. The choice was vast and the quality was impeccable. Fruits, meats, cheeses, pastries, yogurts, breads and cooked foods were a few of the ongoing options. I’m sure there’s no place better for food than Italy so you can only imagine how often I went back and forth from my table to the food that morning right? 
After breakfast we decided to head over to the family owned Tamarindo Juicery. (Via dei Neri 46r Florence.) Here in the Netherlands, cold pressed Juicery’s are a more common sight, but I think for Florence, they are the first so we had to go see and check out this new hotspot.
All I can really say is that the food there was great: salads, bowls, hummus, avocado toasts, fruit salads and of course the awesome cold pressed juices all taste amazing. (We tried quite some things.) When looking for a healthy but mostly also tasty treat, head over to these guys! They are all about keeping the taste to a maximum, so yes healthy, but not that over the top tasteless stuff just to keep it “hipster healthy”.

Here’s 10 reasons why the Grand Hotel Minerva should be on your shortlist of hotels when visiting Florence.

  • The location of the hotel is just pure perfection. Minutes from the bus and train station plus you’ll be able to walk to the nearby cathedrals and shopping with needing a cab or public transport. I doubt any hotel in Florence is better located.

  • Luxury and beauty are well placed key words for the Grand Hotel Minvera.

  • Have you seen the views from the rooftop bar? Not to even mention the sweet cocktails they serve up here. Sipping on a cocktail during sunset overlooking the city, isn’t that just heavenly? The Cathedral also provides quite a powerful background.

  • Oh, that rooftop, also has a rooftop swimming pool. If a cocktail with a crazy good view didn’t convince you yet, having a swim with that same amazing view surely will!

  • They have a brand-spanking-new gym and spa allowing you to workout, and relax even more.

  • (possible) Bedroom views over the Piazza Santa Maria Novella

  • Breakfast is luxurious! So much to chose from and the breakfast room is utterly beautiful.

  • Spacious rooms, comfortable beds and huge rain showers.

  • I didn’t bring my son, but the Hotel seemed super child friendly. With Gelato next door, I surely would feel at ease bringing him here during a next visit.

  • From arriving at Florence airport and getting to the hotel entrance is a easy journey that will take you about 30 minutes in total. A five minute walk to the bus station followed by approximately a 15 minutes bus ride puts you right in front of the Airport entrance. 5 more minutes and you are ready for check in!

I strongly advise to go see what the hotel offers at their website (click here!) or Instagram page but before you do, have a look at these images below: